Pinch Myself Moment

Hi Everyone,

First, I would like to make it known that one of my very favorite “go to” blogs is Marian Parson’s.  For those of you who don’t know who Marian is by her real name….she is Miss Mustard Seed! marian1She is also the developer of one of my favorite milk paint lines as well.  If you have read some of my furniture flip blog posts…you know that I use a lot of her products including her milk paint, hemp oil, and wax products.  Reading her blog pushed me to start painting furniture pieces and seeing more of the hidden potential in things.  She also has great tutorials on reupholstering, sewing, styling, creative business advice, thrifty decor, etc.  I feel like I am friends with her by just being a regular reader of her blog.  Marian’s writing style makes you feel like you are just sitting right there with her and having a conversation.  She is inspiring to me because she took her amazing talents and passions and made a career out of it.  She makes money doing what she loves!  Last April she announced that she would be coming to “Sage Farm Antique’s Fall Spectacular Event”.  The event was in Rochester, NH…about an hour away from me!   She was going to be speaking at two different presentations and one being about home decor on a thrifty budget.  As soon as I had read that….I knew I wanted to be there!!! I wanted to finally meet this wonderful lady in person!  Today I did just that!!!
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I arrived at the event early because not only was Marian going to be speaking, but it took place at an antique market hosted by Sage Farm.  Inside the Rochester Fair Grounds was a bunch of antique booths and vendors as well as yummy fall foods!  I did some browsing, got a coffee & cider donut, then headed soon after to get to the “special event” so I could get a front row seat (something I never would have done in school) !!!

About 5 minutes after I had found my seat….Marian arrived with her mom!  Her mother ended up sitting right next to me….and was the sweetest and so down to earth!!!  Marian presented and spent the time to answer questions, then wrapped it up by talking to some of us after.  Her mom was nice enough to take a picture of me with her daughter!

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It definitely felt like a celebrity moment for me, but so much more real because I felt like I already knew her!  The whole day was a “Somebody, please pinch me….is this real? kind of day”  If you have never heard of Miss Mustard Seed….here is a link to her blog…check it out!  I hope you love it as much as I do!!!

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