Bathroom Changes

To say that it has been a little chaotic in our home over the past week….is a bit of an understatement!  We have been in the midst of planning a bathroom renovation project and an anniversary trip away!  For years we have been wanting to renovate the bathroom in our home!  We moved into this house 10 years ago, life happened, we had a puppy and we got pregnant!  Honestly, having a bathroom construction project was not conducive at the time while we had babies and toddlers crawling around.  We have finally arrived to the point where…IT IS  TIME!  This was the year to do this!  I am so ready for this bathroom to be flipped!  I hate it!  It has always been the one room in our home that just makes me cringe 😬  .  When guests come over, I secretly hope that they don’t have to use our bathroom because it is so ugly!  It screams….”welcome to the 50’s” !  I did my best to make it somewhat “ok”, but it’s kind of like the old saying goes, “It’s like putting lipstick on a pig!” .

For a long time, we thought about doing the project ourselves. My husband is very handy and skilled at doing home renovations.  But the reality that it is our only bathroom came into play and we needed it done on a quick timeline.  So, with all that being said, next week we are having a contractor come to start this project and I couldn’t be more excited!  Here are some before pictures of our current bathroom….Showing these to you is me being completely vulnerable because I am not wanting everyone to know just how bad our bathroom is!  Although, I am so excited for the “After”  photos !  I will keep you all updated on the progress 😀

The dreaded hideous vanity mirror with fluorescent lights …our only outlet is part of this!  I mean really, who doesn’t love a shell shaped sink?


There used to be curtains on the window, but the contractor had to come to take the casing off to do measurements for a new window.  There also used to be a white dropped ceiling ( so the metal bars on the ceiling with lime green paint weren’t visible)





One thought on “Bathroom Changes

  1. Love that you shared these pictures. I have used your bathroom, and its fine!!!… your blueish tile is so much nicer than our brown! I think your bathroom is cute– vintage like! But can’t wait to see the finished project… its also on our to do list, but we are waiting a bit… painting the outside of our house instead!


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