Wow, I looked back and it has been WAY TOO LONG since I posted a “before and after” post !!!  So without further ado, here is my latest and greatest project that I have been working on !!! First, it comes with a warning….WARNING: this is my favorite project to date and I still don’t know if I’m going to officially sell it!!!  I LOVE IT!


It started with a phone call from my friend Bryon who had just scored a new amazing dresser for himself.  Being the good friend that he is, he knew I was in the business of making furniture awesome again.  He wanted me to do something great with his previously cherished Ah-mazing empire dresser.  Bryon sent me a quick picture of it and asked if I thought I could do something with it. “Absolutely! YES! YES! YES!” … was more of my response!  I will admit that I have a deep infatuation with empire dressers.  They just scream “manly” to me.  The lines and styling are very masculine and timeless.  They will never go out of style….well, at least not in my humble opinion!!!

This empire dresser has been well used and loved…as it should be!  It had scattered scratches and dings and a few missing pieces of laminate.  I spent some time with my wood glue, clamps, and putty and patched up those “rough” areas.  The next step was a gentle sanding of the entire piece.  Finally, I chose this deep, rich, navy blue milk paint to continue giving the dresser a more masculine feel!  The color of this milk paint is called “Artissimo” and it is by Miss. Mustard Seed.  It is absolutely yummy!   I distressed the edges gently and top coated it with hemp oil which just makes a wood and paint combination pop!

Finishing touches included finding and putting on these gorgeous white ceramic knobs that have an “antique” feel to them.  Set of 12 Ceramic Solid Metal Knobs and Pulls White Door Cabinet Drawer Handles Dresser Room IndianShelf Handmade Online New Antique FinishI also ordered more drawer liner paper from my favorite online source….Spoonflower.  This time I went with a pattern called “safari herringbone” and I think it just makes the inside of the drawers really pop!  Seriously though….who wouldn’t love opening these drawers to find this pretty paper inside?  Ok, now brace yourself….here is this beauty!!!!empiredresser1





I think I Fell in Love…!

2 thoughts on “I think I Fell in Love…!

  1. I am so glad you were able to make that dresser beautiful again! If you do sell it, we will buy it back! Just name your price!


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