May the Sparrows have a Home!

Typically, I always beg, plead, smile pretty, and beg some more for my husband to build something for me.  Unfortunately, there is never enough time for him to get every single “proposed” project done because he has to do something called…”go to work” !

This fall I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and ask him to teach me some simple woodworking skills.  We spent a day going over the basics of using a table saw, miter saw, band saw, and nail gun.  It was fun and we started working on some projects together!  It’s been a nice way for us to spend quality time with one another and it has also made me appreciate all the work he has put into some of my previous project requests!


With that all being said…here is one of the first projects I started putting together….a primitive-styled birdhouse!  For a long time I have wanted a nice big birdhouse that was just for garden décor, but seriously…what bird wouldn’t want to live in this gigantic house!! (ahem, yes, I’m aware that birds don’t love the smell of paint, but every homebuyer has to learn to outweigh the good with the bad whenever you move into a house!) .  I still have to add a few finishing touches (like holes for the birds to enter and I also want to put it on an actual post), but with all that being said…learning basic woodworking skills meant a pretty little birdhouse to decorate the yard with!  If you are like me and are always asking your spouse to make things for you then I would encourage you to just have them teach you and it will be something fun you can do together!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset



7 thoughts on “May the Sparrows have a Home!

  1. Oh how wonderful! I wasn’t sure if it was ‘a house’ but now I know it’s a bird house…EVEN BETTER.
    Great work for a first time builder – you caught on fast so now thee’s no holding you back LOL
    I just subscribed to your blog – didn’t actually know you had one. So happy I saw it on FB

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      • For sure – I love blogging but have not had a lot of time the past few months with the business keeping me busy. But hopefully with Spring and Summer I can get more of my own things done.
        Stop by and visit my blog sometime!

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