Quick Flip Friday!

Quick Flip Friday!

I will first start with telling you that I have two daughters who share a bedroom, which can be wonderful and horrible at times 🙂  Anyone who has shared a bedroom will know exactly what I am talking about!  I repainted their room in a very light pink (over a year ago, I might add!!! ) because that is the one color they both absolutely agreed on! The wall between their closets has been blank for a while now.  Ugh!  It is the one wall that has had me stuck as to what to do!  Finally, several weeks ago, my youngest and I were on our weekly Target run and we saw this unicorn head wall art in one of the aisles.  You would have to know my youngest, but she is OBSESSED with unicorns!  She begged, pleaded, offered all of her piggy bank money to have this unicorn for her wall. How could I say no?  At the time I gave in….I thought “oh, I could put it on that wall”, but I also knew, well I can’t just have a unicorn all by itself….that will just look weird. Later, I ordered some inspirational prints from Katie Daisy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/thewheatfield) because I love her art and it went well with the girls quilts I made several years ago.  Finally, several days later in the week, I decided to make the 35 minute trip to our closest “Hobby Lobby”.  I live in New England, Hobby Lobby’s are few and far between, but every one of my Midwest friends have always raved about Hobby Lobby so this project gave me an excuse to finally go there!  Let me tell you…I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was in complete AWWW of Hobby Lobby! (As in, wipe the drool off my face mode!)  The crafts, home décor, fabric…so much more than I ever imagined!  I wish it was closer (although my husband doesn’t lol ) !  Hobby lobby had a whole bunch of cute displays!  I grabbed up a couple of cute wooden arrows thinking they could be nice accent pieces for the wall! Today was the day I finally got around to hanging everything up.  Not 100% sure that I will keep it exactly this way or not ( would love some opinions/comments) , but much better than a blank wall! Go out and create this weekend! A simple project does the trick and makes your heart joyful!

Until next time, Becky of Lily & Sparrow Primitives

Here is the final result:



Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset




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