Simplicity in Pinterest

Seems crazy that it is already halfway through another week….this last week has flown by!  Where does the time go?  Eek.  Not enough hours in the day for everything I want to cram in!  So with that said, I am going to stick on the topic of indulging our own creativity, but this week I’m going to talk about something simple.  Simple, as in….Pinterest!

Yes, I will admit I was one of the many people who signed up for Pinterest when it first arrived onto the social media scene.  I was obsessed with mindlessly pinning pins that I “might ” cook, craft, wear, decorate….for someday.  Projects that I later looked at to be utterly pointless and to be honest…not even my exact style.  But alas, it was way too mWe’re welcoming March with Issue 7, filled with stories of doing less and savoring more, beautiful messes, 23 ways to light yourself up, and more. Thank you @robinralston for the gorgeous photo! #bellagracemagazine #issue7 #regram #magazine #flashesofdelight #lifeisabeautifuljourney #thehappynow #simplejoysuch effort to clean those boards up, so I just left those pointless pins and continued to add more.  I mean really….how many “best crockpot recipes” or “20 of the best cleaning secrets” do I need in my life?  MORE CHAOS & DISORGANIZATION!

For months I have been saying “I need to clean this mess up” .  I wanted my Pinterest boards to be organized, pretty, and things that would truly inspire me. I wanted them to really make my heart fill up with joy looking at them.  It’s kind of like looking at A night at the Oscars, a whimsical wedding, and a farm-to-table dinner — all in the spring issue of Mingle Magazine!: “People Magazine or US Weekly” vs. “Bella Grace or Mingle Magazines” (if you have never heard of Bella Grace or Mingle ….check them out the next time you are at Barnes and Noble or Michaels….they are some of prettiest magazines out there right now!).  At times I would slowly work on a board at a time, but would get sick of doing it.

  Until last week.  I finally decided this is it…. I’m going to fix this mess!  Now ….TA DA!  It’s clean, simple, and inspiring.  From now on, I am going to be more picky about what I pin and choose pictures very carefully and thoughtfully.  It felt rejuvenating at the end! Check out my pinterest board on the top blog link!   I would encourage all of you…Pinterest is so much fun to do, it provides so much inspiration in so many aspects of life , but make sure those boards really speak to you!









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