First Before & After

My first before and after!  Wahoo!  First, I will be blatantly honest in telling you that….I was so excited to start this project that I forgot to take a before picture! EEEK, Whoops !(insert weird smirk emoticon of your choice) But, in all fairness, at the time I was starting this project I had no idea that I would be putting this process on my blog (something which I never planned to do either) !  So, here is the closest picture I could find on the web as to what this chair originally looked like!  Just use your imagination to see that there was quite a bit of additional sticky  old food stains which were SO much fun to clean off!


Prior to starting the painting process, I spent some time cleaning this high chair up with soap and water, sanding it, then wiping it down with mineral spirits.  Now the real fun could begin!  Painting!!!  I chose to go with a different shade than I normally would pick and chose “Sea Foam Green”.  It is a bluish green color, really pretty and could be gender neutral if you were using it for it’s intended purpose.  I painted it with 2 coats, distressed it where natural distressing would occur, and finished it with a top coat of hemp oil.  The process was fun and I love how it came out in the end.  Nothing like seeing a dull, ugly piece brought back to life that was going to be thrown in the trash!  Here are my after photos….leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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