A Moment


In the world that we live it is easy to get caught up in the “to do lists” of life, but lately I have really been trying to concentrate and truly reflect on the “here & now”.  Embracing the moment for what it is and not…what I need to do, what I wish it was, what it could have been, but just joy in the moment.   Pause, breathe, listen, and embrace. 

The time we are given on this earth is so precious.   We think that we have forever to tell people we love them, to capture our dreams, to be creative, to enjoy the beauty around us in watching the sunsets, star gazing, running our toes in the sand, or just hearing the birds sing their morning song.  This existence that we live is fleeting and in a moment, everything can change.   I no longer want to take these moments for granted. 

Every day, we are all given the opportunity to embrace the day and savor every aspect of the world around us.  psalm 39I am trying to spend at least several minutes each and every day to really take notice of the simple joys of this life.  The things that really matter, the sound of my daughters giggling, the touch of my husband’s hand, the warmth of the sun on my face, the gentle breeze blowing through the air.  It all passes by so quickly.

How amazing is this life?  Embrace the beauty around you.  Explore the things that cause a sense of undeniable flutter within your soul.  This moment, today, it is everything….

on a side note:  one of my favorite creative artists is a woman named Katie Daisy.  This is a video based on her book titled “How to be a Wildflower”. Enjoy!






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