The Inspired Me

Creative endeavors are something that I have always found joy in.  It is what I would consider my source of therapy. As a young girl it started with simple hobbies such as rearranging my bedroom furniture, painting, cross-stitch, drawing, or just even “daydreaming” of my “someday home”.   When I grew older and became married, the decorating floodgates opened wide.  I became obsessed with HGTV, DIY projects, paint swatches, and Home Goods.  I would truly say that decorating became a major hobby of mine.  Then I became a mom.  As every mother knows, your own “identity” becomes lost when you have babies.  My life was no longer about me and my passions, but instead my days were filled with cleaning, changing diapers, settling a crying baby, taking the trash out, emptying the dishwasher, cooking a meal…cooking another meal, putting children in time out, dealing with tantrums, picking up with toys, laundry (oh, the laundry…don’t even get me started on that one)  etc…etc…etc.   The monotony went on day after day, and don’t get me wrong….I didn’t mind because I have always felt that my true calling in life was to be a homemaker and a mother.  But honestly, I really had no idea the sacrifice that it took until I became one.  It was OVERWHELMING.  I slowly have realized that I can still be creative and enjoy the things that I feel passionate about, but just on a much smaller scale.  My children are now getting older; my youngest is going to Kindergarten next fall which has caused me to A.  become an emotional wreck at times (isn’t that what we women are good at ) b.  Evaluate my own personal creative life again.  This blog is just that….my own personal diary of redeveloping my passion for creativity and my endeavor to push others to embrace their own creative life as well.  Take this journey with me.

Welcome to the blog of Lily & Sparrow Primitives,



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